How To Deal With Certain Medical Emergencies?

Have you been faced with a medical emergency? Do you know how you will react or what you must do? Having some idea on what to do in the event of an emergency can make sure the person gets the best level of care until they are taken to the nearest emergency medical services center to get the full diagnosis and treatment that they deserve.

Whether at work, on your way home from work or even at home, you can be faced with serious medical issues. Knowing what to do can ensure the person gets the best level of care within the shortest period, which ensures that they have a higher chance of a full recovery moving forward.

The first medical emergency you should know how to handle is chest pain. There are varying degrees of chest pain, but you can’t really afford to take the risk. Whether you or someone you know is experiencing chest pain, call 911 without delay. This could be a heart attack and you want to make sure that they get the urgent treatment they need to cut the amount of damage to their heart.

It is very important that you stay calm when calling 911 and follow the instructions of the operator, while they arrange emergency medical services to get to your place. Follow their instructions, answering questions accurately. When you panic, the operator has to try to calm you down and when you aren’t calm it is harder to follow their very strict instructions.

It is always useful to know basic CPR. This can save a life and if the person has had a heart attack, giving them CPR can keep them alive until the emergency medical services reach you.

Having someone faint in front of you can be quite a scary experience and the cause could be just about anything. Identifying whether to call in the emergency medical services or just give the person time to recover can be a big responsibility. When they faint see if they fall and hit their head, if they do, then it’s advisable to dial 911 without delay. If they faint and don’t fall, you can ask them if they are alright and see their response.

Fainting can be caused by heart issues, diabetes or simply overheating. The best thing to do is find how serious the situation is, ask them how they feel and make them comfortable. Sometimes a glass of water and letting them sit with their feet up will improve how they feel, reducing the need to call in the professionals.

Choking is another scary emergency that you may be faced with from time to time. There are varying degrees of choking, some more serious than others. If you have someone who is coughing, that means that they are still getting air and they can breathe. The best course of action here is to allow them to cough up whatever they have caught.

In the event that the coughing becomes worse, keep an eye on them to ensure that their breathing is not compromised. The Heimlich maneuver is a popular choice but should not be used if the person is coughing. If they are struggling to breathe and are not coughing then this can be used. If all else fails, dial 911 and follow the operators instructions.

The last emergency that you may be faced with is bleeding. Bleeding can be severe and cause for concern. Remember everyone has plenty of blood so only very severe bleeding is really a cause for concern, though it can be a symptom of something. An example is a nose bleed that won’t stop could be a sign of high blood pressure and visiting the emergency medical services is probably the best option to have it treated and find the underlying cause moving forward.

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